Welcome to hrpguide.org

Through this site you can obtain a unique .gpx file to help you navigate across the Pyrenean Haute Route (HRP). With the file I also supply a free, recently-revised, 19-page update report with tips,  corrections, suggested re-routes saving up to 3 days, details of refuge closures and much more. This web site is endorsed by Cicerone Press, publishers of the latest 2nd edition Ton Joosten HRP guide.

How is the gpx file unique?

The file is not simply a gps track. The gpx file contains 45 gps routes each corresponding to a day's walk in Ton Joosten's Cicerone guide. Within each route every waypoint is cross-referenced to a key direction instruction in Joosten's guide.  GPS device + guide book means no need for maps and never get lost! NB. the 1:50,000  Rando maps for the entire HRP weigh 1.5kgs.

Who am I?

I'm Peter Forrest and I helped update the latest HRP guide (2nd edition, first published in 2009 and most recently re-printed in 2016). You'll find me name-checked on page 11.

Better than Joosten?

Ton's guide is excellent in many ways but does not contain anywhere near enough GPS waypoints: four days have no waypoints at all, two days have just 2 and on some days you can walk for hours with no waypoint assistance. My gpx file corrects all these issues and also contains more waypoints than Ton's guide on every single day of the walk.

Is a sample gpx file available?

Yes (for day 14. There are eleven waypoints shown: Joosten has NIL for this day).

How much does the gpx file cost and why are you charging for it?

The gpx file costs £15, €20 or $20 which you donate direct to charity (I receive nothing). The file has taken hundreds of hours to research, input, cross-check and update. I spent 3 weeks on the route in June 2017 re-visiting many key locations to ensure vital information remains up to date. I also supply a .kml file which can be loaded into Google Earth. A small donation to charity (a Himalayan Earthquake relief fund) is surely not too much to ask for such an invaluable aid.
To obtain the files + associated free update report write to me at:


If you would also  like the gps waypoint data in tabular format, either to print out or to take digitally, a pdf file can be supplied at no extra cost.